Treatment of Diabetes

The conception of 'new technologies' for type 1 diabetes and new discovery and advanced kind two diabetes treatment has enlarged in recent years at a rate that some may think about corresponding to 'Moore’s Law', and therefore the sheer range of latest technologies getting into the sort one diabetes market place is additionally growing at a noteworthy rate. From the patient’s perspective, will be not solely exciting however can cause a way of optimism. Technologies that recently square measure growing commonplace (e.g. internal secretion pumps, speedy HbA1c watching, etc. come back underneath new therapeutic mechanisms of diabetes. Indeed, it should be argued that the key advances in a similar way one diabetes care created inside the half-moon of a century have come from technology instead of biology. At the same time, not all new technologies succeed (e.g. the Glucowatch), no matter their putative promise. each kind one health patients and their attention suppliers will rapidly see a series of extra advanced medical technologies used in hospital and new technologies and novel therapies in diabetes treatment whose basis is tied to the notion of rising the lives of those with the disease.

  • New therapeutic mechanisms for Diabetes
  • New Insulin delivery systems: Inhaled, transdermal & implanted devices
  • Computational approach to chemical etiologies of Diabetes
  • Glucose sensors (invasive and non-invasive)
  • Bariatric surgery versus conventional therapy

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