Diabetes Metabolism

Diabetes metabolism is that the process of turning the energy from the foods you eat into fuel your body's cells got to grow and performance . If you've got diabetes, you've got a problem with insulin, which is a very important hormone in sugar metabolism. The metabolism of people with diabetes differs to the metabolism of people without it. In type 2 diabetes, the effectiveness of insulin is reduced and in type 1 diabetes, insulin levels within the body are very low. For this reason, type 1 diabetics require insulin delivery from other methods. Insulin resistance, most common in pre-diabetes. metabolic syndrome and sort 2 diabetes, impairs the body’s ability to metabolise glucose. Consequently blood sugars become elevated, weight gain is more likely and therefore the resistance to insulin becomes greater. Insulin “unlocks” your cells to permit the sugar circulating within the blood to enter the cells where it will be changed into energy. After you've got eaten a meal, your pancreas senses an increase in your blood glucose level and releases the precise amount of insulin needed to maneuver sugar from your blood into your cells.

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